Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Moment of Silence

Images of broken light
Staring down at me tonight
This universe won't hold me back
I'll make a wish and take it back
Live a little cry a lot
And maybe, just maybe it's all I got

A moment of silence
Will take us away from here
You're the ghost in my soul
On that long endless road
You're the one who won't let go

Edisun – Silence
Photo by Jamyang Zangpo taken at Tsarang Monastery,
Upper Mustang, Nepal.


Friday, December 14, 2012

The Buddha’s Flower 世尊拈花

The Buddha’s Flower
Once when the World-Honoured One, in ancient times, was upon Mount Grdhrakuta, he held up a flower before the congregation of monks. At this time all were silent, but the Venerable Kasyapa only smiled. The World-Honoured One said, “I have the Eye of the True Law, the secret Essence of Nirvana, the Formless Form, the Mysterious Law-Gate. Without relying upon words and letters, beyond all teaching as a special transmission, I pass all this on to Mahakasyapa.


The Commentary
Golden-faced Kudon impudently forced the good people into depravity. Advertising sheep’s heads, he sells dog-flesh,- but with some genius. However, supposing that at the time all the monks had laughed, how would the “all-including eye of the absolute truth” have been handed on? Or if Kasyapa had not smiled, how would it have been handed? If you say, it can (anyway) be handed on, that’s the Golden-faced Old Huckster with his loud voice swindling at the town-gate. If you say it can’t, why did Buddha say he had handed it on to Kasyapa?


The Verse                                        頌曰
Holding up a flower,                                拈起花來
The snake shows his tail.                       尾巴已露
Kasyapa smiles,                                    迦葉破顏
The monks don’t know what to do.           人天罔措

《無門關》 As translated by R.H. Blyth